Covid 19 Update

First and foremost, I do hope that you have all stayed safe and well these past few months? I am happy to report that all the staff have kept well and safe throughout this extremely challenging period we have all been facing.

I guess you are all wondering when we can return to swimming lessons especially as pools are now allowed to re-open.

The situation is that unfortunately we are informed by our Governing Body, Swim England, who have been working with the Government’s Scientists and Chief Medical Officers, that we are not allowed to teach in the water, nor have water assistants in the water. They recommended reducing class sizes, cleaning equipment after each use and also clean the changing rooms after each person using them.

I’m sure you can imagine that to accommodate this would mean some major changes to the lesson programme and timings for everyone. We have taught in the water for 24 years and therefore I do not believe it is correct to change our teaching methodology to try to start back now.

The children also have to socially distance in the water too!

Therefore, we have made the decision to re-look at the situation in September after the children return to school full time to see if things may change with the guidance.

I appreciate that this is not what you want to read, but my Management Team are all in agreement, we only want to return to teaching when it is safe to do so, and we can teach in the water.

Also just to clarify those of you who paid the course fees for April-July have of course secured their space for whenever we return to teaching.

If you have any questions at all, please email and I just wish I had better news to inform you. I am hoping that you understand and appreciate our issues and that we are making these decisions with your child’s best interest at the forefront of our minds.

Take care and stay safe,

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