Dr Hilary Jones

Learning to swim is something everyone should do and is a natural, highly enjoyable and often essential skill to develop. Just as important is choosing the right swim school so that you can learn correctly and safely and have more fun whilst you are doing it than you ever dreamed possible. That is why I sent my own younger 3 children there and why they now swim so well, and I should add, so much faster and more stylishly than me.

Kim Chapman’s swimming school is long established, highly successful and incredibly popular. The staff are friendly and welcoming, the environment pleasant and well equipped and safety is paramount. Swimmers are of all standards and age ranges and what I love most is that complete beginners, those with learning difficulties and others who might otherwise struggle to find teachers with the requisite patience and devotion to really care are taught with just the same enthusiasm and professionalism as those who simply need to perfect their stroke and stamina.

The winner of many awards, Kim Chapman’s swimming school is THE place to come if you want to have a great time learning to swim. I heartily recommend it and I can think of nowhere better if you want to make a splash.

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